PlanOmatic believes photos are more than a tool to attract buyers; they are also a reflection of the real estate professional's brand. PlanOmatic always aims for 100% satisfaction of agents and home sellers, and to give clients a competitive edge with a more efficient process for marketing homes. Easily order, schedule and pay online to receive professional marketing materials within 2 business days of your appointment. PlanOmatic makes getting quality photography, floor plans, interactive home tours, and digital advertising for every listing simple.  

We treat homes like people & people like family. PlanOmatic makes getting great photos, floor plans and service FOR EVERY LISTING simple, affordable and fun. 

LeadingRE Brokerages' Dedicated PlanOmatic Team

NATALIE GOODS Western LeadingRE Account Executive 

Natalie will help you with any questions you may have about PlanOmatic’s services and offerings in the western half of the states. 424.254.9694

RYAN AUSTIN Eastern LeadingRE Account Executive 

Ryan will keep the Eastern half of LeadingRE brokerages in the loop on all of the new and exciting things that are happening at PlanOmatic. 203.491.0653  

IAN FRAZIER LeadingRE Success Lead

Ian is your go-to guy at PlanOmatic headquarters in Denver, CO. Reach out to Ian for any “escalations” on delivery, quality, scheduling, etc. 720.414.2782

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